Gifts for Buyers on the Occasion of the Opening!
Gifts for Buyers on the Occasion of the Opening!
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My Story

My story began one summer evening a few years ago.

At the end of the working day I returned home. At that time I had a good job that brought me a decent income. On the way home, a question came to my mind that bothered me more and more every minute, and raised new and new questions that I was asking myself.

What is my vocation? Am I happy with what I do?

But there was a fear of stepping into the unknown. Fear of changing everything drastically. Although, I understood well what my heart was.

When I came home I already had a firm decision.

I decided to breathe life into my dreams. I found threads, a needle and a few scattered mother's necklaces, which I was going to throw away. And at that moment the outside world seemed to cease to exist.

It was as if time had stopped. I didn't even notice how the morning came, and on the table in front of me lay several newly created models of women's necklaces.


Everyone was delighted, but did not see a future in it. And I worked tirelessly.
After a while, I quit my old job and devoted myself entirely to creating women's jewelry from wooden beads.

At that moment, I was especially criticized by all my friends, they did not understand how it is possible to change a managerial position in a high-paying job for some needlework there.

Time passed and the whole world saw my necklaces.

I wish everyone to find themselves in this life, and good luck with your purchases.